Bitcoin..😱{HUGE EXPLOSION} – Bitcoin TESLA What to do now..?

In this video we discuss why Bitcoin exploded abd why we feel bitcoin will continue. Huge Tesla Elon Musk NEWS..😱
Tesla now owns HUGE amount of BITCOIN.


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Penny stocks in the bitcoin sector can explode fast. elon musk news sent bitcoin to the moon. Lets see if these penny stocks explode and if bitcoin keeps booming.

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BITCOIN TODAY: In this video, I’ll go through the Bitcoin news today & I’ll make a Bitcoin price prediction based on new institutional analysis. I’ll show you our next cryptocurrency trade. I will start make 1 video every single week about crypto news & BTC. I’ll always include other ways to play the bitcoin boom and explosion. Penny stocks , stocks, other crypto currencies, etc..
To make accurate Bitcoin , Dogecoin, Ethereum and cryptocurrency price predictions we need to look at all aspects of our world today.

**I’m NOT a financial advisor I give you advice and picks based on what I feel are stocks that are undervalued based on today’s world around use using my own logic*

* I’m not telling you to buy or sell**

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