100 Cr Club : New Entry !!

Hello Again… 

Today We will be Looking at a Good Stock Which we are Going To Add in Our 100 Cr. Club PMS. 

Let’s See the Chart and Discuss the Trade .. 

Club PMS


This is Nothing but “AXIS BANK LTD.” and it is a Weekly Timeframe Chart .. 

From The Chart We Can See the Stock Recovered From the Lows of COVID and After That The Stock is Consolidating in a Range, The Range From 640 to 820 Approx. The Consolidation is going on Since More Than 1 Year Now and The Stock looks Comfortable in the Range. 

If We See the Chart Pattern, We can See a Kind of Cup and Handle Pattern Formation in the Chart, where COVID dip is Considered as a Cup and The Consolidation zone is Considered as a Handle. 

The Pre Covid area is Not Considered here for any Pattern.

The Stock is Taking Support on The 630-640 Range and Reversing Towards the 820 zone regularly. Markets are Weak for Some Time and The Stock is also Reaching the Support Zone. The Stock will Start it’s Momentum as soon as Market starts Recovering. This will be the Stock where I would Like to Put My Money and Will Take Risk !! 

This is a Stock which is Posted Regularly and One of My Favorite Stocks since Long. 

I Have Given a Target of 1000+ on This Stock during COVID Fall and it is Ready to Breach the Level Soon. if Everything goes smoothly on Global Scenario. The Times are Tough, so I am Not Expecting any One Side Rally and I will Not be Expecting the Stock to Hit my Targets without any turbulence. 

Be Ready to Accept the Stoploss and Trade with Proper Risk Management. The Trade is Being Sent to Our 100 Cr Club Clients and We will be Trading with Big Account Sizes and Other Trades Spread Over. So Follow Your Own Risk Management and Do Not Try to Imitate Our Trades, if you have Small Capital and Small Risk Appetite. 

The Trade : 


Buy @ 666 (2 Lots)

Add @ 648 (4 Lots)

Add @ 633 (4 Lots)

Stoploss : 622 

Targets : 722 – 766 – 822 

Lot Size : 1200 x 10 Lots 

Average Buy : 646  

Risk : 2,83,200

Reward : 9,16,800 – 14,44,800 – 21,16,800

We may Be Using Different Options To Support This Trade.. We Do Write Options To Add Profits or Balance the Trade. Not Recommending Options Writing on Free Channels and Groups as It May be Harmful for Small traders. 

Consider Your Risk Appetite Before Investing, Don’t Just Look at The Profit Figures, First Check Stoploss Levels, Count The Risk with Your Trading Capacity and Then Enter the Trade as per Your Comfort. 

The Analyst is a Technical Analyst, Global Market Expert and a Certified Investment Adviser and Retirement Adviser, Having Experience of 15+ years in Indian as well as International Markets. The Opinion of the Adviser is Purely based on the Analysis of charts and Nothing else. 

Do Consult your Financial Adviser if you want to Trade. 

Follow Risk management and Trade carefully. 

Communication Details : 

WhatsApp : (+91) 8275298208 | email : paidsignals@gmail.com 

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