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Hey! *friendly wave* I’m Andrew, and I’m a Day Trading Lover for other Day Traders like you who are looking to improve their Day Trading Results.

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Hi Everyone, My names Andrew and thanks for visiting https://greatdaytrading.com.

If your anything like me then you will enjoy the many aspects of being involved in trading the stocks and shares, FOREX or options markets.
From sitting in your favourite arm chair of a weekend with a cup of coffee studying the weekend newspaper to familiarise yourself with dividend yields and P/E ratios, or on your favourite website perfecting your technical or fundamental analysis.

The journey of trading should be enjoyable, the selection of stocks and building of your portfolio, knowing how to identify and apply stop losses and what type of broker to use? observation of volume and support and resistance levels and how to apply trend lines and identify chart patterns and timing cycles, are you a short, medium or long term trader? Or would you prefer to trade on charting signal patterns?

I hope https://greatdaytrading.com will provide some of those answers and options for you! HAPPY TRADING

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