EQUITY PLUS (2.0) … Fresh Batch !!

Hello All !! 

Welcome Back with a Great News … 

After a Long Time… The Wait is Over !! 

Continuously Receiving Many Request For the Flagship Wealth Creation Program with Lowest Risk and Long Term View! 

Yes, You Guessed it Right !! 

Again Starting Registrations For the Batch of 


Many Call it “2 Lacs to 1 Crore Program” 

This Will be 3rd Batch of the Program. 

2 Batches Started Earlier were Full in No Time and We were Amazed to See the Response. 

It was Running For More than 5 Years as Just a Yearly Signal Service and We were Working Just Like Others Giving Only Signals, Not Bothering about the Risk Management and Other Things about Client Accounts. But We Realised that it can be Converted to a Good Wealth Creation Package and It will be Amazing When People start Getting Returns from a Small Capital and Over Long Run it Accumulates a Big Corpus for them. 

We Converted The Yearly Package to a Long Term One and Introduced a Concept of Capital Appreciation over a Long Period by Compounding. 

In this Service We are Now Focusing on Creating a Big Corpus of Rs. 1,00,00,000/- (Rs. One Crore Only) from a Small Capital of 2 Lacs. 

The Service is Very Simple : 

1) You Need a Dedicated Account for Only Equity 

2) Need Funds of Rs. 2,00,000/- (Rs. 2 Lacs Only) For Trading. 

3) Need Additional Funds for Fees Payment. 

4) Register to this Service 

5) We Will Send Trades through WhatsApp

6) All Positional Equity Trades (Non Leveraged) 

7) There is Absolutely No Risk

8) Just Enter Orders as Per the Message and Leave it to Work 

9) Follow updates 

10) Nothing to Worry about Trades and Levels, Leave it to Us 

11) Relax and Enjoy Your Real Job

Seems Good, isn’t it ?? 

But How will it Work ?? 

What’s the Process of Work ? 

Will it be Really Worth it ? 

There are many Questions and Let me Answer : 

We May Trade Actively, Sometimes We may Take Slowly, Sometimes We will not Trade at all … all depends on Market Conditions. We are Not Trading Intraday Game here, We are Trading for a Long Term Goal. 

Patience will be Tested Many times. Sometimes we may not earn as per Our Expectations, Sometimes We will Have to Stop Trading for few days or weeks or Months to Let the Market Settle. 

Sometimes We may have to Trade More Actively. We may Trade Quick trades and Earn More than Expected profits. Everything has to be done for a Cause. 

We will be Focused on Slow and Steady Wealth Creation, It will be Slow in Initial Phase But it Will Shower Gains at a Later Stage Once Capital Starts Growing. We will be able to Trade More and Can Spread Our Trades Widely with More Capital to keep Gaining Continuously. 

The Process is always Painful, But the Fruits are always Sweet. You just have to Wait till the Seed Grows into Plant and Starts Giving Fruits. If you are Impatient and Can’t Control Your Emotions, You may Stop Watering The Plant and Plant will not be able to Survive. 

For the First Batch in this Process… 

We Started in the Period of COVID and We traded Very Slow, Yet the Trades Delivered High Profits. We were inactive for a Long Time, waiting Market to Stabilise and Avoiding High Volatile Markets as The Capital Protection at First Year is more Important than the Growth. We Still Managed to Generate nice Profit, Which is Not Actually in Sync with our Performance. But Good Enough for a Start. and We are Yet to Complete a Year !! 

To Be Very Clear About the Service …. Here are the Details Once Again !!

Capital Required : 2 Lacs 

Account Required : Dedicated for this Work 

Time Duration : Approx 7 to 8 Years. 

Expected NET PROFIT : Rs. 1 Crore Only. 

Trading Instruments : Plain EQUITY Only 

Trading Style : Longs Only 

Trade Messages : Through WhatsApp Only 

Trade Guidance : Detailed Message Including Qty and Price to Enter are Sent. 

Trade Updates : Exit Updates sent well in Advance.

Trade Holding : Holding Period Approx 2 to 4 Weeks Per Trade. 

Time Required : 30 Minutes Max in Every Week. 

Risk Potential : Max 10% of Capital.  

It’s Always Simple, But if that’s so easy.. There might be a Crorepati in every other house from Stock Market, isn’t it ?? 

The Process Looks Easy but Following Every Rule with Same Dedication and Same Consistency with Same Precision over Next 7-8 Years, isn’t Everyone’s Cup of Tea !! 

Who Can Join the Service ? 

Literally anyone who Can Invest 2 Lacs and Can Trade Patiently to Make it a Big Corpus in Next 7-8 Years. Only Requirement is Patience and Seriousness in Creating Money for Yourself. 

Charges of the Service ? 

We will be Charging Rs. 40,000/- For The Registration Fees For the First year. 

From 2nd Year, Fees Will Increase By 10% every year. 

Many Members ask us the Question.. Why Fees is So High ? Why Increase it Every Year ? How Can We Afford it ? 

Well, The Answer is Simple. 

For the First year The Fees is 40,000/- Just to make sure Only Serious Traders Enter the League and It Looks Big at Initial Stage, but Believe me You Won’t spare a Minute if I ask for Double Fees in Next Few years. 

The Increase in Fees is due to Increased Activities in Portfolio. Simply Put.. The Capital will be Increasing with a High Speed in Later Stages and It will be Hard to manage All that Money with the Same Ease and Expertise. Our Work Will be Increasing and that’s why we are increasing the fees by a Small Fraction. 

at initial Stage, It Looks like a 20% amount of Capital, But if we Calculate all growth in Fees till the End of the Process. You will be Paying Hardly 5% of the Targeted Corpus in the Whole process and that too Over the Span of 7-8 Years. So Effectively it will be Hardly 0.7% of the Corpus every year. Which is Lesser than a Poorly Performing Mutual Fund Expenses. 

Rest Assured, We have Calculated Everything, Members From Earlier 2 Batches of this Service and Members of previous 5 years have already asked a Lot More questions than you might have thought. Everything is Answered and has Satisfied the Members. 

We have added 80 members in Last 2 Batches. 

We are Planing to Add Slightly More than Previous … We Like to break Our Own Records. 

We are Planning to Add Only 50 Members in this Batch and It will be Starting From June 1st, 2021 Most Probably !! 

Do Remember to Join and Keep Separate Funds For Long Term Wealth Creation even when you are Performing fairly well in Other Trading activities. This is Stock Market and You have to keep Plan B Ready for your Retirement !! 

This is a Source of Creating Retirement Fund By Investing a Small Amount and Very Small Time on the Activity. 

You are In Safe Hands of Globally Certified and Acknowledged Market Expert, Certified Financial Adviser and Certified Retirement Adviser !! We will Create a Big Corpus for you together !! It’s not Just a Dream, It is a Planned Strategy and It Works !!  

Keep Separate Funds


Limited Seats : 50 Only (Increased capacity) 

Registrations to Close on 30th May 2021

Contact Us For More Details : 

WhatsApp : (+91) 8275 298 208 

email : paidsignals@gmail.com

Original source: https://optionsmagician.blogspot.com/2021/05/equity-plus-20-fresh-batch.html

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