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Hello Guys !! 

Posting a Trade in HNI MARATHON (2.0) after a Long Time on Blog.. 

Before Entering The Trade and Taking any Trading Decision, Understand Few Things about HNI Marathon. 

This is a F&O PMS Service Run by Our Team Where We Manage Investor Accounts with a Capital of Rs. 20 Lacs and Above. Risk Management is Controlled by Our Team and Accounts Traded for a Growth of 200% Profit Over the Net Capital. 

Before Trading Think about your Risk and Do Not Jump in Without understanding the Risk Involved !! 

Stock Discussed here Today is a PSU Bank… Let’s See the Chart and Then Discuss the Analysis .. 

Options Trading

This is a Monthly Chart of Canara Bank Ltd, a PSU Bank. We can See the Downtrending Channel in this Stock and the Downtrend is there for a Long Time since 2010 and The Stock Never tried to break the Falling Trendline except in 2017. It was an unsuccessful attempt. Now the Stock seems to be done with the Downtrend and Looking hot for upside Momentum. Let’s See the Reason why I am expecting it to break the Falling Trendline this time. We will see on Weekly Chart to understand it. 

Options Trading

This is a Weekly Chart and as we all can see The Falling Trendline was respected for a Long Time and Now After the COVID Lows in March 2020, We can see a Good Built up in Momentum and the Stock is Rising. but This time the Rise is Not only a random rise, It is supported by various fundamental factors and a Systematic Rise with a Bullish formation near the Trendline to get the Strength to Cross the Trendline. 

The Stock has formed a Bullish Cup and Handle Pattern near the Trendline. The Neckline of the formation is placed around 170, which perfectly met with the falling trendline, to ensure the breakout of the Pattern gives breakout above the trendline. The Breakout above 170 is a Cup & Handle Breakout with a Intensity of 90 Rs. move. The Depth of Cup is 90 points From 170 to 82 approx. so The Pattern Target comes around Rs. 260 in a Short Term. The Stock is Moving Sensibly and with a Maturity showing the Strength at the breakout, not falling, consolidating and moving ups slowly. The Cup & Handle Breakout Candle is a Strong Candle showing the showing strength and Willingness of the Bulls to Take the Price Higher. The Resistance in this Case is Placed around 211 – 233 & 285 .. So I will Keep my target around 285 and Hold the trade for the Same. Supports that will be in Place are around 170 and 158. 

The Trade for HNI Marathon Clients and Who are Willing to Join … 

Buy @ 180 
Add @ 170 
Stoploss : 158 

Targets : 211 – 233 – 277 

Lot Size : 5400 x 2 Lots  
Average Buy : 175 
Risk : 1,83,600 (Combined from Average Buy Level) 
If Only One Entry is Triggered, The Risk will be Less.. 
Reward : 3,88,800 – 6,26,400 – 11,01,600 

This is Not a Quick Trade, Patience is needed and The Ability to Hold in Big Profits.  

Cash Traders May Enter the Stock and Hold for Given Targets. 

Option Traders … Avoid Options here as The Stock may not Move Fast and the Option Premiums are Very High at Present. 

Disclaimer : 
The Analyst, Atul S Shinde is a Global Market Expert and Certified Financial Adviser having Experience of tracking Global and Indian Markets since last 14 years. The Trade is Based on Technical Analysis and Needs to be traded with proper Risk Management under the guidance of a Financial Adviser. Do not Try this if you are not comfortable with the Risk associated. 

HNI Marathon (2.0) : 
HNI Marathon is a F&O PMS, it’s a Target Based PMS which Delivers 200-250% Returns in a Short Term Timeframe of 12-15 months. Complete Trading is Managed by Our Experts Team. We are Having Few Open Spaces in This Service and On the Occasion of My Own Birthday Today, I am Announcing that We are Open to Take Only 5 Accounts in This Space. Capital Required is 20 Lacs minimum. For The Fees Part… For the Next 5 Accounts, No Need to Pay Any Fees From Your Pockets. For More Details and Entry Registrations… You Just Need to Act very Fast as These 5 Spaces Will be Filled very Fast and in No Time. Once We Get 5 Seats, Next Every Entry will have to Pay Fees in Advance and then We will start Trades. 

Communication Details : 
WhatsApp : (+91) 8275298208 
email : / 

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