How to Buy Options With Less Decay (3 Ways)

When buying options, time is working against you because you lose the extrinsic value in the option as time passes and as expiration gets closer. At expiration, only intrinsic value will remain.

When shorting options, time is working in your favor because you profit from the decay of extrinsic/time value in the options as time passes.

But just because time works against you when buying options, it doesn’t mean you should abandon option-buying altogether.

In this video, I’ll share three approaches you can use to minimize the exposure to time decay that you’ll experience when buying options, at least when initially entering your position.

Video Timestamps

0:00 – Introduction
0:53 – Method #1 (Basic But Expensive)
4:40 – Method #2 (Take Advantage of Earnings: Limited-Time Only)
6:41 – Method #3 (Most Flexible)
7:36 – Debit Spread Structure #1 (Minimal Extrinsic Value Decay)
10:44 – Debit Spread Structure #2 (Positive Decay/Theta)

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