Iron Condor Options Strategy (TUTORIAL + Trade Examples)

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The iron condor options strategy is one of the most popular options trading strategies, especially among traders who prefer selling options with limited risk and want a neutral market outlook.

Selling iron condors (referred to as a “short iron condor”)is a market-neutral strategy that profits when the stock price remains within a range, which makes it a high probability trading strategy that requires no predictions in regards to which way the stock price will move.

A short iron condor is constructed by selling a call spread and selling a put spread simultaneously.

Since selling a call spread is a bearish strategy (profits when the stock price remains below the call spread) and selling a put spread is a bullish strategy (profits when the stock price remains above the put spread), combining the two into a short iron condor results in a neutral position (no directional bias).

In this video, we’ll cover:

– Selling iron condors explained (setup, explanation, max profit potential, max loss potential, breakevens)

– Historical trade examples so you can see exactly how the iron condor strategy performs in various scenarios.

– A demonstration of setting up an iron condor on the tastyworks trading platform. I even put the trade on and take it off so you can see how easy it is to get in and out of iron condor positions.

– How buying iron condors works.

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