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Who are We ? 

We are Working in Global Markets since Last 14+ years having a Huge Client Base All over the World from a Variety of Business Backgrounds and Networth. We are Serving Super Rich and We are Serving the Very Small. Everything is Taken Care of at our End and We are Growing Day after Day into a Large, Very Large Financial Advisory. We have been consistently delivering result oriented and safer Investment guidance to all of you. Our Founder and Chief Analyst Atul Shinde is Globally Certified and renowned name in Global Markets for Financial Advisory, Having Completed Many Global Certifications in Financial Planning and Financial Markets. 

What’s This Private Equity Fund ? 

A private equity fund is a collective investment scheme used for making investments in various equities and debt instruments. They are usually managed by a firm or a limited liability partnership. The tenure (Investment horizon) of such funds can be anywhere between 5-10 years with an option of annual extension. One key feature of private equity funds is that the money which is pooled in for the purpose of fund investment is not traded in the stock market and is not open to every individual for subscription.

Since private equity funds are not available to everyone, the money is usually raised from institutional investors (HNIs & Investment Banks) who can afford to invest large sums of money for longer time periods. A team of investment professionals from a particular private equity firm raise and manage the funds, where they utilise this money for raising new capital, future acquisitions, funding startups or new technology, investing in other private companies or making the existing fund stronger. Private equity funds represent an excellent opportunity for a high rate of return.

Advantages of Investing in Private Equity Funds

Large amounts of funding: Private Equity Funds are an excellent source of capital as they are free of debts. An emerging business can tap large amounts for seed funding via Private Equity.

Untapped Potential: Private equity is a vastly untapped market with great potential. From unicorn startups to unlisted private companies and much more, there are a wide range of options available in the market.

Active Involvement: As a shareholder, you can hold the professional management PE team completely accountable for protecting your shareholding interests.

Incentives and Returns: PE Firms which hold and manage private equity funds are highly selective and spend a considerable amount of resources to assess the potential companies which they could invest in. This also involves an understanding of the risks involved and how to ease the same.

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These are General Rules and Working Structure of the Funds, Obviously They are not meant for Retail Investors and Retail Never Gets the Opportunity to Tap the Potential growth stories. 

What Will Be Our Structure ? 

We will be Launching a Private Equity Fund which will be a Diversified, Well Balanced Fund focused on Growth. 

We are Planning to Invest in Different Segments as Listed below : 

1) Equity

2) F&O 

3) Commodity 

4) Currency 

5) ETF’s 

6) Real Estate 

7) Other Products (Debt Instruments)  

The Diversification will ensure Steady Growth with Less Risk. 

Real Estate, Debt Instruments, ETF’s and Commodity Investments will Deliver Stability to the Portfolio While Equity, F&O and Currency will Focus on Growth Aspects. 

The Ratio of Investments will Keep Changing as per Requirement but The Major Ratio of Stability and Growth will be Somewhere around 60 : 40. Where 60% of the Net Portfolio will go into Stability and 40% of the Portfolio will go into Growth Part. 

The Investments in Real Estate, Commodities, Debt Instruments and ETF’s are meant to be For Longer Term Delivering Slow and Steady Growth. And the Investments in Equity, F&O and Currency are Spread Over Different Timeframes. Equity will be Short / Mid Term ranging From Few Weeks to few Months. F&O and Currency trades will be Spread Over a Period of Max 3 Months. 

What will be the Standard Investment Period ? 

Investments Can be Held for a Period of 5-10 Years for a Great Return on Investment. 

There will be a Lock in Period of 3 Years for the Fund. As we are Investing a Large Sum of the Fund (60%) in Longer Term Investments including Real Estate and Debt Instruments. A Lock in Period is Necessary. We can Not Buy / Sell these Instruments Quickly. 

Fees : 

There will be a Standard fees of 1% On Entry. 

If Withdrawal is done After 3 Years, There will be No Exit Fees. 

For Early Withdrawals, it will be a 5% Exit Charge. 

Apart From the Entry and Exit Fees, There are Expenses to Be Charged at Actual for Investments which Includes Brokerage, Taxes, etc. It will be a Standard structure and is Automatically Deducted before announcing the Value of Funds Time to Time. 

What Will be the Estimate of Returns ? 

The Returns May Vary and Can Not be Declared at Present as this is not a Fixed Return Scheme. It Will depend on Real Estate Appreciation, Commodity Pricing which are Longer Term Investments. 

The Debt Instruments Normally Deliver Lower Returns. 

Equity / F&O / Currency Investments May Deliver High Returns and They Normally Involve Some Risks Too. 

So It will be a Overall Balanced Structure, Mix of Long Term, Short Term Investments with High Risk and Very Low Risk Instruments. On Average We are Working on Achieving Approx 15% Returns on yearly Basis. Which is Much Better than Normal Equity Mutual Funds. We May Achieve More too depending on the Performance of Short Term High Risk Investments (It is Our Speciality, Actually). 

No Commitments on Returns For Now !! 

Are Premature Withdrawals allowed ? 

We have Kept a Lock in Period of 3 years for the Investments to avoid Risk as We will be Investing a Major Chunk in Longer Term Investments and These are Normally Not so Liquid and Can Not be Withdrawn partially. So Avoid Premature Withdrawals.

What will be Minimum Contribution ?

We have Decided To keep the Minimum Investment in this Fund at Rs. 1 Lac Only. 

Maximum Contribution Can be Limited to Rs. 25 Lacs.

(We have planned this Fund For Retail Investors and We are Initially going Live with Small AUM Target) 

What About Growth Updates ? 

As We have already Cleared, This Fund Includes a Large Part of Longer Term Instruments which Don’t have Price Fluctuations Daily. Even the Equity and F&O Part is Planned with Short Term Investments. So We will be Calculating The Net Returns and Growth in the Fund On Monthly Basis and We will Keep you Updated Every Month about the Growth or Progress of the Fund. It may look Boring initially but it’a All about Longer term Growth, it’s not a Day Trading.. isn’t it ? 

The Fund is Not Listed, not seen or Not Updated anywhere on Public Platform, It is a Private Equity Fund and We will be Managing the Fund with Our Expertise. So If you Believe us, It is For you !! If You Don’t Believe us, you may Stay away… We will not be Spending Time on useless queries. 

How To Enroll : 

Drop a Message On 

WhatsApp : (+91) 8275298208 / email : 

Specifically Mention “PRIVATE EQUITY FUND”, Your Full Name, City, Phone No., Email ID. 

We will Send you a Registration and Payment Details.. It’s Simple !! 

The Entries are Limited and The Target AUM is Very Small … We Have Already Received Great Response after Our Last Update about the Fund. We May be Full Capacity in Next Few Days !! 

We will Keep it Open till We Achieve Our Target AUM. 

Register Fast and Do Not Miss to Add a Different Investment in your Basket !! 

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