My Advice To New Short Sellers — Beware! {VIDEO}

New Short Sellers — Beware! Key Takeaways

  • Learn how these brothers made almost $1 million each…
  • Think a nasty market means it’s time to short sell? Watch this first!
  • The number-one reason I haven’t shorted anything in nearly two years…

I warn new traders all the time about the dangers of short selling. But some of my students have great success with it. It can be a profitable strategy — but heed these warnings before you join the dark side…  

Here’s what you’ll learn from two short-selling brothers in today’s video:

  • I’ve made millions short selling. But I haven’t shorted in two years because of this HUGE reason…
  • Shorting’s dangerous so short sellers need to take extra precautions. Learn what these brothers do to avoid nasty trading halts.
  • New to trading in the last two years? Here’s how to put everything you’ve learned into perspective…
  • I’m not just warning new traders about short selling — heed my warning about another sketchy market.

Watch this now to learn about the dangers of the dark side!

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Are you a long-biased or short-biased trader? Let me know in the comments …. I love hearing from you! 

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