Simple Tips To Know When To Enter An OTC Runner {VIDEO}

Simple Tips To Know When To Enter An OTC Runner: Key Takeaways

  • What you can learn from my trades in a 1,500% OTC runner…
  • The two big recent runners that could spark OTC sympathy plays…
  • Prepare for the next big OTC runner now with these must-learn trading lessons…

I’m grateful for every penny stock pump and promotion. So while some people are whining about the slower market, I just take it one trade at a time. And I capitalized on two of the biggest gainers in the entire market recently. Watch the video below to learn from my trades. You can become an even better trader than me!

Here’s what you need to know about when to enter an OTC runner…

  • This recent ‘billionaire play’ went full supernova. See how I traded it.
  • Sometimes speculative midday trades are OK — learn from this example.
  • My favorite must-use trading tool nailed another alert. Every trader should be using this…
  • How I made almost $3,000 on a morning spike even though I didn’t time it perfectly.
  • Will these two recent runners spark more OTC runners? Guess what? I don’t care. Tune in to learn what’s behind my mindset.
  • I learned these trading lessons the hard way — here’s why you don’t have to.
  • Whether the market crashes or the bubble market continues — find out how I’ll approach my trades…

Watch the video below for all that and my trading tips from two recent big percent gainers. Prepare to trade the next big OTC runner NOW!

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What’s your favorite OTC runner? Let me know in the comments … I love to hear from you!

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