Welcome to my forex channel! Where I cover forex smart money concepts and my order block trading/scalping strategy!

Welcome traders! In this video, I go over a quick forex scalp I took on GBPUSD for a 1:3 RR. I formulated the trade idea using an institutional order block on a 1 hour time frame, then using the 1 minute chart for confirmation.

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I am a beginner forex trader, if you would like to learn more about the concepts I discussed in this video, I would recommend watching the channels: mentfx, MoreHarrisonUwah, and Pips of Persia. They all have amazing content that covers institutional order flow, Wyckoff and imbalance.

Understanding smart money concepts in forex will help you breakthrough from trading like a retail trader, and become part of the 5% who are profitable trading forex! Concepts like these are also great for taking the FTMO funding challenge!

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Please note: the content of this video is intended as entertainment and should not be taken as financial advice. Trading forex and other financial securities such as Gold (XAUUSD) is extremely risky and you should do your own due dilligence.

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