tastyworks Desktop Platform Walkthrough (In-Depth TUTORIAL)

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In this in-depth tastyworks tutorial, we’ll walk the essential features you need to know when using the tastyworks desktop trading platform:

0:00 Introduction
0:42 Watchlist Sidebar Overview
2:20 Creating Your Own Watchlist
3:49 Customizing Watchlist Columns
5:38 Positions Tab Overview
8:00 Trade Tab Introduction
8:45 Filtering Standard/Non-Standard Expiration Cycles
10:02 Opening an Options Chain
10:30 Customizing Options Chain Columns
11:30 Setting Up a Trade
14:00 Understanding the Estimated Probability of Profit
14:41 Understanding “Ext”
15:51 Understanding “P50”
17:00 Understanding Position Delta and Theta
20:28 Assessing Max Profit / Max Loss in the Trade Tab
22:58 Additional Position Adjustment Controls in the Trade Tab
27:00 Analysis Tab Overview | Visualizing Profit/Loss Potential
30:05 Executing a Trade
31:10 Activity Tab Introduction
31:45 Canceling a Working Order in the Analysis Tab
32:53 Additional Tabs (Watchlist and tastytrade Stream)
33:36 Chart Tab Introduction
34:05 Changing Chart Settings
36:56 Right Sidebar Overview

Overall, this video should leave you much more comfortable with the core functionality of the tastyworks trading platform!

Feel free to leave comments below with any questions or suggestions!

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