Top Biotech Penny Stocks to Watch — August 18, 2021

Biotech Penny Stocks to Watch: Key Takeaways

  • I’m watching two massive former runners with catalysts for potential spikes.
  • Insiders are scooping up shares of a recent runner ahead of an upcoming conference call.
  • I’m stalking a potential breakout play in a stock with multiple news catalysts.

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This week’s biotech penny stocks watchlist is all about breakouts and earnings winners. The combination of a catalyst and technical pattern can create explosive spikes. I won’t try to anticipate any moves. But I’ll be ready to react with my trading plan. Here’s what I’m watching. (Details below…)

  • Therapeutic Solutions International, Inc. (OTCPK: TSOI … Read our full analysis here.)
  • Nymox Pharmaceutical Corporation (NASDAQ: NYMX … Read our full analysis here.)
  • XORTX Therapeutics Inc. (OTCQB: XRTXF … Read our full analysis here.)
  • Aerpio Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (NASDAQ: ARPO … Read our full analysis here.)
  • Regen BioPharma, Inc. (OTCPK: RGBP … Read our full analysis here.)
  • Adial Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (NASDAQ: ADIL … Read our full analysis here.)
  • Jaguar Health, Inc. (NASDAQ: JAGX … Read our full analysis here.)

Top Biotech Penny Stocks to Watch

These are the top stocks on my watchlist. ‘Watch’ is the key word here. There’s no guarantee that there’ll be a trading opportunity. Remember, these stocks move FAST.

Before we get to my list of stocks to watch, here are a few of my top resources for penny stocks…

  • If you’re new to penny stocks, start here with this FREE online guide.
  • Ready to learn how to build your own stock watchlist? This post is for you.
  • Discover how I find all the stocks on my watchlists here.

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Now, let’s get to the top biotech penny stocks to watch this week…

Biotech Penny Stocks #1: Therapeutic Solutions International, Inc. (OTCPK: TSOI)

Therapeutic Solutions develops therapies for a variety of diseases, as well as treatments for inflammation, aging, and sleep apnea.

TSOI returns to the watchlist from last week. It was on watch for a multi-day breakout over 8 cents.

The stock originally spiked on news that the company’s stem cell treatment for lung failure associated with COVID-19 received FDA clearance for Phase 3 pivotal trials on August 5.

Since then, the stock’s consolidating. We haven’t seen the breakout yet and the company announced more news on August 16…

“Therapeutic Solutions International, Inc., announced today initiation of preparation for filing an Emergency Use Authorization to the FDA for JadiCells™ in treatment of COVID-19 associated lung injury.”

Read the full press release here.

The stock had a green day with high volume after the news. I’ll keep it on my radar and watch for a potential breakout.


Biotech Penny Stocks #2: Nymox Pharmaceutical Corporation (NASDAQ: NYMX)

NYMX develops treatments for aging-related diseases and disorders.

The stock was up over 20% on August 16 with no news. The next day it gapped down but clawed its way back to close green on the day.

I’ll watch NYMX for more potential upside, ideally with a catalyst and higher volume.


Biotech Penny Stocks #3: XORTX Therapeutics Inc. (OTCQB: XRTXF)

XRTXF is a Canadian biotech company that develops treatments for kidney diseases and diabetic nephropathy.

It’s an OTC stock that’s been uptrending since August 9. On August 13 the company announced it will hold a special shareholder meeting on September 2.

The stock made new 52-week highs on August 17, but it couldn’t hold its gains and closed near its daily low.

I’ll watch XRTXF for a dip buy into a big panic.


Biotech Penny Stocks #4: Aerpio Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (NASDAQ: ARPO)

ARPO develops treatments for ocular disease and vascular stabilization.

The company reported second-quarter earnings on August 11. And on August 17 the stock broke out of a channel above $2.35 and tested resistance around $2.50.

I’ll watch it for more potential upside but I’d like to see it trade more volume.


Biotech Penny Stocks #5: Regen BioPharma, Inc. (OTCPK: RGBP)

RGBP develops regenerative medical applications.

On August 13 the company filed its quarterly report with the SEC. The stock’s a former runner that’s been trading in a channel for months. I’ll watch it for a potential breakout over $0.0335.


Biotech Penny Stocks #6: Adial Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (NASDAQ: ADIL)

ADIL develops treatments for addiction and related disorders.

On August 12 the company announced that management will host a conference call on August 20 at 11 a.m. Eastern to discuss business developments and provide a clinical update.

Two Schedule 13Gs were filed on August 13 disclosing that two insiders hold over 5% and 9% of the company respectively. You can read the SEC filings here and here.

The stock’s been in an uptrend since August 4, climbing roughly $1 per share. I’ll watch ADIL for a reaction to news announced during the conference call.

If you trade listed stocks, you MUST know how to read SEC filings. Learn how with my “Read SEC Filings” DVD here.


Biotech Penny Stocks #7: Jaguar Health, Inc. (NASDAQ: JAGX)

Jaguar Health develops medicines to treat gastrointestinal disorders.

The stock’s not an OTC but its chart looks like the supernova pump pattern outlined in my 7-step pennystocking framework. And it’s on the seventh step — the long kiss goodnight. It had a huge run earlier this year, then slowly faded back to where it started. That means there are probably a ton of bag holders in this stock.

But that doesn’t mean there won’t be potential bounces or dip buys to take advantage of —  if you swing for singles and trade like a sniper.

The company released second-quarter earnings on August 13. And on August 17 it announced its subsidiary completed a preclinical toxicology study to support the continued development of its therapy to relieve symptoms of diarrhea from cholera.

The stock’s trading near support at $1. I’ll watch it for a potential bounce but I want to see a lot more volume for a big move.


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Biotech penny stocks are stocks of small, developmental companies. These companies are usually desperate for cash. They need it to continue developing products and for testing and trials. Trade them with caution…

They’re known to be extremely volatile. They can have huge price swings. One minute they’re flying high on positive news — the next they’re down due to bad trial results, side effects, or stock dilution.

If you’re prepared to take advantage of the price swings, these stocks can offer great trading opportunities…

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What do you think of these biotech penny stocks to watch? Let me know in the comments … I love to hear from you!


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