Want Financial Freedom ??

Hello All !! 

Greetings of the DAY … I Hope You all are Doing Good !!

We Have Been Working on the Betterment of Thousands of Traders and Working Hard to Help All Achieve their Financial Freedom without risking Big in Markets. Slow and Steady Growth always Helps all !!

Many Traders and Investors Do Not Have Enough Time to Track Markets and Trade on Their Own. We are here to help All those Traders. 

Why Spend Time, Money and Efforts in Trading When we are here to Help You ? 

We Announced a Service in 2019 For a Different Segment. 

This Segment is For a Working Class who Can’t Focus More on Markets.

They Do have a Reasonable Capital, Not Too Big, Not Too Small. 

Afraid of Taking Big Bets due to lack of Knowledge

Want to Create a Fortune through Investments and Trading. 

This Service Fulfils all your Requirements .. 

Features : 

1) This is a Yearly Service, Subscribe Once and Forget Monthly Renewals. 

2) Focused on Futures and Options Trading

3) Trades Done in  : Stock and Index Futures / Options (Options rarely) 

4) Trade Duration : Positional Trades, Holding Period Varies

5) Strictly No Intraday 

6) No Market Orders, So No Need to Continuously Watch the Updates and Trade

7) No Need to Watch Market, We do it For you 

8) All Updates Sent Including Entry and Exit. 

9) Trade Delivery : Through WhatsApp Direct Messages

10) Risk Management and Capital Allocation Tracked at our End

In Short, You Just Need To Subscribe and Follow all Updates Without Using Your Own Brain .. No Fear, No Greed, Emotionless Trading !! 

Emotionless Trading


This is One Example of a HNI GOLD Subscriber … Started 12 Months ago With a Capital of 6 Lacs … Today the Capital Reached 16 Lacs Net !! 

Sample of Running Trades on the same Account is Posted too !! 

This is One Example, Few More Have Completed the Same… Consistency is the Key and Need Patience to Create Wealth.. Market is Too Volatile now a days due to Pandemic and still These Guys always Believed in Me. Even after Initial Losses, We were able to Pull Back and Move Forward….. 

This Service will not be OPEN FOR ALL !! 


We are Already Running with 2 Batches of 25 Members Each . 

Options Trading

DO NOT JOIN If You want Overnight Miracles … We are in a Business where Risk Management is Important, Not Gaining Big Profits !! 

This Time, We will be able to Help you in Trade Execution as We have got some arrangements done. 

We are Already Having a BIG LOAD of Work in ACTIVE TRADER and HNI MARATHON Category.. and Members from HNI GOLD are automatically Shifting to ACTIVE TRADER Group… 
  • If you are Having a Capital of 6 Lacs Approx. (Need Capital for atleast 2 Futures & 2 Options) 
  • If You are Not Having Enough Time To trade or Focus on Trades. 
  • If you want to build a Good Fortune Slowly and Steadily. 
  • If you believe in our Analysis and Strengths. 
  • If you are not always in panic while trading. 
This is the Best thing For You !! 

Registrations are Open, Will be Open For Limited Members and Limited Period. Do Not Miss This Opportunity !! We May not Open For Registrations for few Months… 

If You Have More Capital … 
Go with Active Traders and HNI Marathon .. 

For Registrations and More Info … 

WhatsApp : (+91) 8275 298 208 

email : service@planmymoney.in 

Don’t Assume it will be Open For a Longer Period.. Starting from 16th Aug 2021 !!

For Queries and Doubts, Feel Free to Communicate with us !!      

Original source: https://optionsmagician.blogspot.com/2021/08/want-financial-freedom.html

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