What’s in Store For Emerging Markets in Near Future ?

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Today Posting after a Long Period, Many Stocks Posted in this Blog have done amazingly well. It’s a treasure for many traders and investors. But People Forget to Keep Visiting Frequently and Do Not Care to check blog for updates and posts. So I have stopped posting many things here. Basically We are Getting Heavy flow of Clients in different Segments. Some of the Services are getting Wider Attention and are getting more and more client base. 

Our PMS in Equity and F&O are doing exceptionally well and at the Same time Services Like Equity Marvels, HNI Gold are Being Copied by Some Famous Names in Market. 

Anyways … Let’s Focus on the Work !! 

Today’s Post is to Alert Everyone who is reluctant to believe the Growth Story ahead. 

I am Posting a Chart here .. 


This is a Chart of iShares MSCI Emerging Markets ETF, Which is traded on New York Stock Exchange in United States. This is a Monthly Chart of the ETF. 

This Chart or ETF Represents the Emerging Markets all Over the World including India. For a Long Period of more than 13 years the ETF hasn’t crossed 56 levels, Actually the previous all time High was 55.49 hit in October 2007 and then after that, it never Touched the high again till now. 

Those who were trading in 2007 might remember the Bull Run in Stocks in that period. Now after almost 13 years the ETF has touched the Previous All time High Again. Currently the ETF is trading above an important level of 51.93 for last few months. The Trades are in a very Small Zone, so Most of the Emerging Markets are Consolidating near their All time High Levels. 

Looking at the chart, One Can Understand the Positions of Big Smart Investors across the Globe. They are betting Big on Emerging Markets, but Not giving immediate move, Slowly Consolidating and Accumulating Stocks across different Sectors. Overall the Structure is very Positive and I am Personally Expecting BIG FUND Flows in Emerging Markets taking the Markets to all New Levels which are Beyond the Understanding of a Retail trader. 

Any Closing of this ETF above it’s previous High of 55.49 on Monthly Closing basis will lead to a Strong Rally Fuelling Big Moves in Many Stocks in Emerging Markets. 

The Next Expected Targets for the ETF are 65.50 and 87.70 Levels. Obviously it will not happen Overnight. It may Take Next few years to achieve the levels, but it will change the Game of Emerging Markets and the Stocks Listed in these Markets. The Stocks will Deliver Multifold returns and Stock Markets will be Seen Riding a Bull Storm. 

Smaller Corrections are always Part and Parcel of the Trading Game, So Keep Buying the Dips and Wait for Markets to React to their Own Strength. Selection of Stocks and Entry, Exit Levels must be done Properly and With in depth Study. Random Thoughts and Random Stock Selection always Results in Damage to the Portfolio. Hire a Financial Adviser for Yourself and Follow them Strictly. Believe in their Hard Work and their Strengths. 

INDIA is a Major Part of a Emerging Markets, So Get Ready for a BIG BULL STORM in Coming Years, Don’t Underestimate the Power of Such developments.

Study Markets, Find Good Stocks and Invest Without Fear. Your Fortune will be waiting for you. 

Disclaimer : 
The Author ATUL S SHINDE is a Global Market Expert, Certified Investment Adviser, Certified Retirement Adviser and Fund Manager for Clients from all over the World. He is having 14 years of Experience in Global as well as Indian Markets and He is well Know for his Views and Analysis. 

The Analysis is completely based on Technical Analysis of Chart of the ETF. Follow Due Care While Trading and Do Not Take Any leveraged Positions based on these views. The Author or Pratham Investment Managers will not be Responsible for your Trading and potential Losses in trading. 
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